Thorough cleaning of a rental property before moving out is called bond cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning. The cleaning is to make sure that the good condition of rental property before giving it to the owner. This is important because the landlord might keep the bond money if the property is not cleaned.

What is Bond Cleaning?

At the end of a lease period cleaning is done. Including all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor areas It is a comprehensive cleaning of the entire property. The property is just returned to the landlord in the same condition as it did when you first moved in to get the bond money. The main purpose of this cleaning is that the rental property should be clean and tidy.

What Does Bond Cleaning Include?

The following are some of the tasks that are typically included in cleaning:


  • Clean the glass.
  • Wipe the frames and sills.


  • Clean the door itself.
  • Wipe the frames and handles.

Light Fittings:

  • Clean the lamps or light fixtures.
  • Wipe the switches.


  • Clean all the walls.
  • Remove any marks or stains.

Skirting Boards:

  • Clean the long boards along the bottom of the walls.
  • Wipe the decorative parts around the doors.


  • Clean the toilet.
  • Clean the shower and bathtub.

Outdoor Areas:

  • Clean the balcony.
  • Clean the patio.


  • Vacuum the floors.
  • Mop the floors.

Bond Cleaning

How to Do Bond Cleaning?

Here is a guide on how to perform this cleaning:

Plan Ahead: The first step is extremely important to plan first because bond cleaning can take a lot of time and effort. Set enough time for each task.

Get the Right Equipment: Getting the right equipment is of great importance. Including a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, and cleaning cloths make sure you have all the necessary cleaning products.

Start from the Top: Start from the top and work your way down when cleaning a room. It will ensure that any dust that falls to the floor is cleaned up.

Clean Room by Room: To clean one room at a time firstly start with the room that is furthest from the exit and then work your way towards the exit door.

Don’t Forget the Details: It will include light fittings and switches and also skirting boards.

To sum up, this cleaning is an essential part of the rental process. By understanding what is bond cleaning you can ensure how it is done efficiently and effectively by following the tips outlined in this article.

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